Bucket List 2020

So at the start of each year I like to pick random goals from my bucket list at bucketlist.org and set them as ones I must complete during the new year. I'll be honest and admit I've not been great at achieving all the goals set in the past couple of years (usually only about 3 or 4 get ticked off) but, new year, new blog, new me, new motivation and all that!

At the time of writing I have 649 active goals on my list. Most of these are challenges I pulled from a '500 things to do before you die' set; some are very involved others are a little pointless and silly ... but we must do them!

I'm going to pick 12 to start off with (one per month ... realistic enough eh?) using a random number generator. The only time I'll cheat,so to speak, and skip passed one is if it lands on a pretty unobtainable goal for my current life situation (i.e. get married, go on a luxury holiday, travel any further than an hour away from home)!

I'm planning on keeping everything updated on this blog, and will hopefully even vlog some or all of them ... I'll see where my confidence takes me!

So here goes ... my random goals for 2020 are ...

1) Talk in a silly helium voice.

2) Have afternoon tea in an exclusive hotel.

3) Cook on a campfire.

4) Go jet-skiing.

5) Reach a GamerScore of 25,000 on Xbox.

6) Eat in a revolving restaurant.

7) Watch all of the Star Wars movies.

8) Kiss on a fairground ride.

9) Get high in Amsterdam.

10) Eat fruit straight from a tree.

11) Make a candle.

12) Learn to pole dance.

Not too bad. The ones I'll maybe struggle with are the jet-skiing, revolving restaurant, Amsterdam and pole dancing, but I promise I'll try! Watch this space.

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